Dan Conroy - Vocals, guitar, bodhrán

Dan grew up singing the Irish songs he learned from his dad. Early exposure to performing led Dan to the stages of New York, where he performed yearly with Dad and brother Casey in a 90 minute tribute to the Irish Bardic Tradition each St. Patrick's day. Dan's arrival in Los Angeles culminated in meeting Patrick D'Arcy and the seeds of Clann na Gael were planted. He makes his living as an actor in TV, Film & Animation and brings his experience as a story teller to the Sean nos songs he sings with the band.


Pat D'Arcy - Uilleann Pipes, whistles, vocals, bodhrán

Patrick D'Arcy hails from Dublin, Ireland. Regular trips to the Willie Clancy Summer School as well as tionóil around America have enabled him to learn from many of today’s great players. Touting Tommy Reck, Seamus Ennis and Willie Clancy as great influences, Patrick now enjoys passing on his knowledge to students at his home, at meetings of The Southern California Uilleann Pipers Club and at tionóil whenever the opportunity should graciously arise.

Comfortably settled in his new habitat of California, he is a founding member of the Southern California Uilleann Pipers Club and its annual Southern California Tionól, which is currently celebrating its eighth year. He is also the host of the website, soon to celebrate its tenth year.

  • Southern California Uilleann Pipers Club


  • Katy Salvidge - Fiddle, whistles, vocals

    Since moving to Los Angeles in 1997 to pursue a career in film music, Katy has recorded with such artists as Danny Elfman, James Newton Howard and Warren Zevon. She featured as soloist on the Academy Award nominated score for “Good Will Hunting” and also “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut”. More recently she recorded with John Rzeznik of The Goo Goo Dolls on a song for “Treasure Planet”. She was offered the position of fiddler in the award winning show “Lord of the Dance”.


    Kathleen Keane - Bouzouki & Belly Dancing

    Once in a while, America produces an exceptional artist with tremendous versatility and talent. Such an Artist is KATHLEEN KEANE. Notwithstanding that she was born and raised in Chicago, more than 3,000 miles away from Ireland, Kathleen has become a vibrant force in traditional Irish music. This tall slender girl, is blessed with long dark hair, enormous blue eyes and a luminous, pale complexion. She can ignite an audience with the potent combination of extraordinary music and classic beauty. Check her out on her own website at
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    Band Bio by Eulic McGee
    Clann na Gael, a group of at least one member and usually more. Clann na Gael play the traditional music of Ireland with each member having their own interpretation of what exactly that is. The combination is a joy to behold being both lively and inspiring. Katy Salvidge, playing fiddle, and Patrick D'Arcy, playing uilleann pipes, weave the melodic tapestry within which the band wraps itself while Dan Conroy takes hold of the reins with his rhythmic, jaunting bodhrán (Irish frame drum) and guitar playing.

    If you have seen Clann na Gael play I'm sure you're prepared to admit that a major highlight of the show are the songs with which Dan grew up singing. Dan has tremendous pride in his Irish heritage and the songs that his father taught him. Dan's ongoing pursuit of the Irish language allows the group to delve into the wonderful Irish tradition of sean nós (old style) singing. Usually sung "as gaeilge" (in Irish), these songs are traditionally a solo performance relying on the singers skill to vary the words and melody while adding ornamental effects to hold the audiences attention. Dan achieves this naturally, so you can only imagine the effect once fiddle, whistle and uilleann pipes are added and combined to bring each song to climactic levels.

    The deep, dark well from which Katy and Patrick draw is bolstered by their love of the tradition and dedication to staying within that tradition whilst still being open to new and interesting interpretations and arrangements. Katy approaches the music with a wonderful knowledge of music theory with classical technique which allows her a comfort on her instrument most can only aspire to. Musically her tone is exquisite and it is only enhanced by her enthusiasm for the tradition and her skill to find the humour in any situation. Occasionally she has been known to dance, weightless. If her spontaneous reaction to the music occurs at a show you attend, consider yourself inaugurated into the halls of the Clann!

    What can be said about the uilleann pipes that hasn't been said before? This is the instrument that tugged at the heartstrings and raised the blood in the veins during such events as Riverdance, Braveheart and Titanic. Patrick D'Arcy has learned his art of uilleann piping from legendary players in Ireland, where he hails from originally, and also at Tionóil (gatherings) of pipers all over the United Sates. The influence of Séamus Ennis and Tommy Reck on his playing is apparent and Patrick relishes in exposing the pipes, piping tunes and techniques to his audience. More recently the playing of Jimmy O'Brien-Moran, particularly, has captured his imagination and Patrick likes to play a set of B natural pipes, the original pitch of the pipes, which has a wonderful dark, ancient sound.

    On stage the banter between songs pulls us into their world allowing us to see through new eyes if only for an hour or two. Go and hear this band when they come to your town, you won't regret it and you might even have a wonderful time!

    Press Release by Eulic McGee

    CONGRATULATIONS! You have been awarded the opportunity to express yourself in a completely new way! You have been presented with a once in a lifetime chance to play ONSTAGE with International Hit Sensation CLANN NA GAEL!

    Los Angeles, April 27th, 2005 - On the departure, escape, parlait (whatever you want to call it) to the fair beige shores of Bristol by their dearly beloved (and interminably ill) fiddler, low whistle blower and unordained Sex Queen Katherine Salvidge (or whatever her real name is). International hit performers CLANN NA GAEL have been forced to seek further talent in the Los Angeles area.

    The fact that you received this press release is the result of a long and tedious two or three email exchange between the remaining members of the group. "We are very torn up over this" says former bouzouki player and fellow sex queen Kathleen Keane. "It's a hard time for all of us and we can only wish Katy a wonderful return to Britain despite the situation she has landed us in" Kathleen continued. "We love Katy but we have to say good bye to the things we love some time and sadly that time for us and Katy is right about now", uilleann piper and spiritual leader Ustad Patrick D'Arcy shared. Dan Conroy, frontman, real estate mogul and eternal northern star continued with "Where's the Guinness?".

    "The band, as a unit, can't take much more and are very distraught over the whole matter but are looking forward to their new life without what's her name.... Katy, that's right, thanks" the ever elusive band manager and famed author Eulic McGee contributed via email.

    Now on a personal note, [..............] you are the only recipient of this press release therefore CLANN NA GAEL are relying on you. Kathleen Keane is adopting the fiddle as a twelfth instrument and says she will have mastered it by the first show to feature the new line up supporting some band called "The Saw Doctors" from Ireland on May 18th.

    Auditions will take place in the basement Sheebeen under Dan Conroy's house at set dates given after a rigerous interview process involving Guinness, rubber straps, beaded gee-strings and long walks on the beach. Only then will the date be revealed to keep things under control and to avoid involving the Police at all costs.

    There is no way out. You will do this and you will like it. No money is involved but the usual exchange of sexual favors is always a possibility although the rate of that liklihood has been slashed by 50%, unless sloppy seconds aren't completely unappealing to you? Also Dan says he can help out if necessary.

    CLANN NA GAEL appreciate the time you wasted to read this pile of steaming waste and look forward to your reply.

    Sincerely, really,

    CLANN NA GAEL & Eulic McGee (Manager)

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